Igpy Kin, colloquially known as Caitlyn Spencer, is a freelance writer, editor, tutor, graphic designer, and web manager.

Originally from Calgary, she has recently returned from a brief affair with Montreal. A graduate of the University of Calgary (BA Hons English ’12, BA Hons Anthropology ’12), and Concordia University (MA English ’16), Igpy has made an effort to serve whatever community she lives in, in both literary and other senses.

She was Editor-in-Chief of two class chapbooks in her undergrad (2010’s Vamp Till Cue and 2011’s Manifest-o-s)served as Hospitality Coordinator for WordFest in 2012 and 2013, and during her time as an MA student at Concordia co-founded community writing group Concordia Write Nights; helped organize the highly successful 2015 Department of English Graduate Colloquium The Odd Couple; and was instrumental in revitalizing the program’s student association, SAGE, creating the organization’s website, helping write its bylaws, serving as Creative Rep and what became VP Administration in 2014-2015, and as VP Internal and Interim President in 2015-2016.

While at Concordia, she also advocated for greater diversity in the department’s faculty and syllabi along with Mona’a Malik, and together they helped establish Concordia’s Committee for Equality and Visibility in the Academy, which continues to advocate for greater accountability from the department on representation of people of colour; gender, sexual, and romantic minorities; women, and other marginalized groups.

She currently lives in Calgary with an ill-tempered cat named Frank, more books than she knows what to do with, and at least eight complete sets of measuring spoons, courtesy of her late grandmother’s hoarding problem.


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